Thursday, March 12, 2009


dot dot.

there IS life.

I finished the NLE and I have an Arthurian epic to read tonight that I don't have the book for God Bless Kristen who scanned it for me (!) and I have a piano competition Saturday and I need to practice and I wonder how I'm going to get there because there's a St. Patrick's Day Parade and I'm still working at the diner and Aspen was stiff today I hope she won't come up lame and I am really excited about going to the beach next month and I wonder if there will be any cute guys there no just kidding gotcha but I hate bathing suit shopping Jenny do you have any around that I can wear hallelujah I finished my Hemingway analysis and The Sound and Fury is impossible to understand and I am sick of trying to tell colleges that I do not attend Episcopal Highschool even though their code is on my PSAT and college spam is driving me nuts and charging two and a half grand for a week and a half summer medical program is absolutely absurd I don't care how smarmy the invitation letter is and I really want to go see a movie Sunday afternoon and I miss my friends and I HATE PRECALCULUS FOREVER.

thank you.


Theocentrica said...


I hate precalc, too.

Did it utterly kill you?

L. C. Russell said...

Not just killed--it drew and quartered me. Like quadrants of a unicircle, y'know?