Sunday, June 28, 2009


Gosh, this blog looks so sad and unwanted...

oh well. Between volunteering and working and riding and studying and hauling siblings to swimteam and PANing and grocery shopping and practicing piano and college scouting and working out my senior year schedule, this summer has been crazy, for anyone who wants to know. Although swimteam just ended. But VBS is coming up to take its place. wh00t.

Two huge highlights of the summer are inching closer by the day, at the end of July and beginning of August: OH MY GOODNESS YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE IS COMING TO VISIT ME and AAAAAAAAH I'M GOING TO COLORADO TO MEET ALL MY CRAZY CLASSMATES! (I hope I like half of you at least half as well as you deserve in person. :P)

so yes. life is good. right now I'm off to take a walk in the 101 degree heat. :D